Jun 24th 2017

Kingscape is a Silly Fight Against Your own Imagination

Kingscape is essentially a turn based puzzle game. Everything in the game has popped out from your imagination and won't move until you do, but making them wait to move for too long it can "trigger unexpected special events." The game is also set up for long replayability by having an in game level editor.

Kingscape starts out with our young pudgy prince deciding to go look for his father, the king. However, his imagination has filled the empty halls of the castle with enemies to stop his progress. He is too young to truly understand why his father isn't around, but as you go through the game you will gather more clues. Is there a reason his mind is creating all these obstacles to stop him from finding the truth? 

Right now the game has six enemies and different special item cards. There are serious servants, mad ducks, bloodthirsty sales reps, explosive pigs, perverted zombies, and wise mentors that will all attack you, but they also aren't fond of one another and will attack each other any chance they get. As for items, you can only hold a certain number, and have to decide whether you'd prefer something like a spring trap or a staff that makes the ground around you sticky.

The game is being worked on by a team of four people, Elisabeth Rousset who is working on graphic design, Hugo Loi is doing the programming,  Zéno Loi who is working on the story, and John Leonard French is composing the music. 

Kingscape is currently on Kickstarter looking to get some funding to support a late 2017 or early 2018 release of the game. The game looks very silly and could definitely have some fun levels made if it got a good community following. There's nothing yet, but they did say to expect a demo out for the game soon as well. Do you agree with me? Let me know on twitter @spencerhavens.