May 31st 2018

Is Pokemon Quest any good?

Pokemon had a couple big announcements recently. The new Pokemon Let's Go series is coming later this year, and a more hardcore game will be coming in 2019. With both of those was another game they actually released, Pokemon Quest.

Pokemon Quest is an interesting game. Right now it's just on the Switch, but will come to phones later. The game is somewhat basic, but not terrible. A lot of it is automated, and restricted by a timer. It's also clearly favors a touch screen.

The game puts you on Tumblecube island where you send a drone out to explore. Sadly your drone is terrible, so you befriend a Pokemon to go on your adventure with you. You can choose from Pikachu, Eevee, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, or Charmander. They move on their own, but you can select special attacks that have a cool down. Then you go through areas attacking Pokemon which gets you experience, berries, and power stones. The power stones are the core of the game. Some increase attack, others increase health, some affect moves like reducing the cool down time, and rare ones even have bonus abilities like increased healing.

You don't catch Pokemon in Pokemon Quest. Instead you attract them by cooking soup made from items you've collected. You can send a team of three out at mosr, and as they level up they'll get more slots for different power stones. When one of your team runs out of health they'll turn into a pokeball, and after a certain amount of time has passed they'll come back with a fraction of their starting health.

The game is very simple. All Pokemon have a blocky aesthetic and are simplified. If you're looking for a Pokemon game to play, this spinoff is probably not going to scratch that itch. You're better off playing Ultra Sun and Moon. However, if you want to waste some time, there are much worse games. You don't get as much control over the Pokemon as I'd like, and it is very grind to level up based, but it isn't terrible, and I haven't felt compelled to buy anything yet. Although I'd still say I had a bit more fun playing Magikarp Jump. I'd give Pokemon Quest six pokeballs out of ten.