Jan 21st 2016

Invisigun; A Blind Shoot Out

Invisigun; A Blind Shoot Out

Invisigun is a single screen stealth battle arena focused on multiplayer, but it has a twist. Everyone is invisible, including you. The game is currently being developed by Sombr, and has a highly interactive environment.

The main inspiration for Invisigun is from “the revival of the couch-multiplayer genre, classic party games like Super Bomberman, and Nintendo's focus on cute and fun sensibilities.” There are a lot of games that have fast paced and twitch reaction multiplayer, but Invisigun focuses more on a calculated and slower gameplay due to the fact that everyone is invisible until they fire or use an ability. After all, giving away your position by firing randomly is more likely to get you killed then help you win.

Several key features in Invisigun are that you can play with up to four friends or bots on a single screen. You can also mix local and online players on the same match. Each hero has a unique ability from jumping over obstacles to releasing drones that reveal enemy locations. The release of the game will have 50 maps over 5 different planets with unique hazards, weather, and ways to interact with the environment. Customize game modes with modifiers to change up the match’s experience. Play different game modes including survival, zone control, hunter, carrier, deadline, and more. After the match you can view instant replays that reveal what really happened. These instant replays are converted into GIF format and can easily be shared.

Invisigun is currently seeking backing on Kickstarter with the main focus being to use the money to create the best online multiplayer they can. It has already been approved on Steam Greenlight, and the game’s website has a dev log for any of you that like looking at the more detailed information those offer. If you want to try it out before backing the game, it will be at PAX South January 29-31.

Written by Spencer Havens