Mar 12th 2016

God Caster; a TCG Without Turns

God Caster; a TCG Without Turns

God Caster is a collectible trading card game with a new way to play. There are no turns, and you can only actively gain souls (manna) to use to summon mythical creatures from around the world. This is also the first TCG being developed for VR, and the first game developed by Maxmuses studio.

God Caster uses gods and mythical creatures from around the world as the cards in the game. Players start the game with a master, and can choose from eighteen unique classes that will give them special skills they can use later in the game. The story starts with your characters simple desire to get some candy, and then grows from there. If you want to try the game out there is a prototype available to try here.

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God Caster; a TCG Without Turns

This may not be a turn-based card game, but there are two different phases in the gameplay of God Caster. There are the “Prepare” phase and the “Duel” phase. In the prepare phase you will try and collect as many souls as you can to use to summon your cards. You will do this by shattering eggs as they fall down from the sky. After that the duel phase starts and that is where you use the souls you gathered to summon your various cards. However, there are also different environmental effects that can appear in the middle of a battle, like an erupting volcano or a storm.

According to Maxmuses studio, “God Caster’s game concept is about sharing culture. Players all over the world can find their local mythical creatures and gods in the game. God Caster also is the first card game with more humanity. For example, all the words ‘killed’ will be changed to ‘kicked’ and whenever a nature/tree monster is kicked, it will say ‘save the green’.”

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God Caster; a TCG Without Turns

God Caster features a myriad of collectible cards designed after gods and myths from many different regions, “toy” cards that serve to distract your opponent, and “food” support cards that beef up your other cards. “Evolve” any card in your collection to make it even more powerful, and fuse them together to create a new card. After all, hasn’t everyone wondered what Zeus and Odin would look like fused together, or how about a wendigo and Shiva?

God Caster is currently on a newly created crowdfunding platform that specializes in helping Indie games called Gamekicker. The game has also received tremendous support on Square Enix Collective along with getting Greenlit on Steam. On top of that they are working hard to be the first collectible card game available for VR, and will be using the support from Gamekicker to fulfill that dream. So, what do you think of a TCG that isn't turn based?

Written by Spencer Havens