Jul 05th 2018

Gaming comes to the Special Olympics

The influence of video games keeps spreading. Now, thanks to Microsoft, they've made it into the Special Olympics. Earlier this week the first official Special Olympics video game tournament was held to show how anyone/everyone can be a gamer.

In Seattle eight teams competed at the inaugural video game competition for the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games. The teams consisted of one athlete with a mental disability, and one without one. The game was For a Motorsport 7, and there were qualifying rounds just to get in, and then a tournament where teams faced off. The scoring system was based around the combined driving times from each team. The team that ended up winning the tournament was "Team Shake and Bake." Rasmussen, a 22 year old from Puyallup, WA, and Dempsey, a 29 year old from Federal Way, WA, showed their racing skills and earned their title as champions.

The Special Olympics chairman, Tim Shriver opened the competitions with a speech where he said, "We believe everybody is a gamer; everybody is a competitor; everybody is an athlete. Our job is to make it possible for everybody to join. This is a new way to make that happen.”

This reflects how Microsoft has been trying to be more inclusive in their gaming. They even have an entire division, called "Gaming for Everyone," that is devoted to accomplishing that. Do you think being more inclusive is important in gaming, or do you think it gets taken too far? This also brings up whether video games should be included in the international Olympics as an event. What do you think?