Oct 05th 2017

Fortnite reaches 7 million players

Fortnite has been taking the world by storm. The base building survival game has not only been making its way through development, but players have been jumping in to the early access game in droves. Mainly for it making media attention several times along with offering a free 100 player deathmatch mode.

Yesterday Epic Games, the team behind Fortnite, released a tweet proclaiming how they had surpassed 7 million players. To celebrate they decided to implement two new features immediately, supply drops and Duos mode with both being for battle royale. Now, the 7 million players is everyone who has played Fortnite both the main game and the battle royale mode. They didn't explain how it broke down between the two of them though.

Now then, what exactly is Duos? Well it's a system that lets a player get into battle royale alongside a partner. The supply drops are air dropped supplies that hold the best loot that's possible to find in battle royale. The only problem is anyone can see them falling from the sky, and it'll turn into a battlefield to try and grab grab whatever is inside the drop. Epic Games actually went through and explained these features in a blog post.

So Fortnite has made it to at least 7 million individual players. Some people have said Fortnite's Battle Royale is simply copying PUBG. Do you think they owe their success to them? I'm interested to hear your thoughts, and can be reached through my Twitter at @spencerhavens.