Mar 13th 2018

Fortnite Crossplay still in the crosshairs

Fortnite: Battle Royale has jumped on the cross-platform train with the main game it branched off of. The only issue is it is suffering from the same problem. That problem? A bunch of red tape.

Epic Games announced that Fortnite: Battle Royale would be coming to phones last week. They also advertised cross-play between PS4, PC, Android, and iOS. There seemed to be a couple consoles missing from there. The game isn't available on the Switch...yet...but it is on the Xbox One, and they weren't on the list.

Well, over the weekend they explained why that was and announced that Xbox One would have crossplay with PC, Android, and iOS. It seems that a console was missing again. That's right, it looked like the PS4 and Xbox One would have crossplay with everyone but each other. When asked to let it happen, Xbox head Phil Spencer said, "Me 2." Which shouldn't be a surprise considering what happened when Fortnite accidentally allowed crossplay between PS4 and Xbox One.

This crossplay fight between Xbox and Playstation has been a sore point for a while. It's made worse when things happen like Rocket League developer Psyonix saying they only need approval to start it up. Everything is ready for it, Sony and Xbox just can't agree. Although things have been leaning in Xbox's favor recently as they've been pushing crossplay more and more. It definitely makes it look like Sony is the only thing stopping consoles from playing together.

What are your thoughts? Is Sony in the right? Should they open the door to crossplay? Is this just revenge for Xbox not wanting crossplay during the 360 era?