Apr 20th 2017

First NES now SNES?

The NES Classic is now officially gone everywhere with the last few announcements that there will be no more made in Europe recently. Nintendo claims that this is because the system was only ever temporary and meant for Christmas 2016. Still, it was exceedingly popular and constantly sold out wherever it was in stock. Well, according to Eurogamer there's a bigger reason that the NES Classic has been discontinued in spite of high demand, and that reason is the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

That's right, the SNES. Sources have told Eurogamer that the NES Classic has stopped shipping because they've started work on a SNES Classic to have it ready by Christmas 2017. Development of the device is already underway according to the same sources. Which, makes sense. If Nintendo is working on another similar home nostalgia console like the NES Classic it's a little silly for them to try and keep cranking out the old one. Especially if that'll cut into the production of the newer one as there's a good chance it'll run into similar demand problems that the NES Classic did.

The NES is unique in being Nintendo's first home console, but the SNES has a lot more going for it, especially in terms of available games. With regards to RPGs the SNES is a goldmine of classics cult and otherwise. Here's a list of just a few great games that could be included with a SNES Classic, Earthbound, Super Mario World, Secret of Mana, Mortal Kombat, Super Mario RPG, Super Metroid, Donkey Kong Country, Chrono Trigger, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, NBA Jam, and more. 

What games would you like to see come out with the SNES Classic? After all, Nintendo is probably going to repeat their plug and play tactic from the NES Classic, just hopefully with some longer cords.