Dec 23rd 2017

Embark Colony Sim

Embark is a colony sim game where you build up a community from scratch. It focuses on small groups within colonies. The game world is also very large, and has a living ecosystem.
You command your followers to build structures and make things, but if left on their own, they will still do things instead of just sitting around. They may even teach other people what they know. They will also form their own relationships and bonds with each other, as your colony grows. With the focus on smaller groups it is easy to get attached to specific people. This can be important when the best way to grow your colony is to get them to have more kids.

The world map is procedurally generated, and is over 2km by 2km. There are different ecosystems and after they are first created when the world is formed, they don’t just spawn and respawn. They go through lifecycles. Time, seasons, and weather all effect this and can impact your colony. Fresh water will be especially important as it is needed for crops and followers themselves. It also doesn’t replenish, so once it is used it will be gone.

There is also a combat system in the game as there are other people out there who are competing for the same resources. First, different material affects weapons and armor differently. Like lead is bad for an axe head, but is good for a mace. The combat system itself takes into account a character’s skill, body parts, weapon size, and more.

Embark is currently on Kickstarter looking for funding. The game has been in development for two years, and is most of the way fnished. The reason for being on Kickstarter is for polishing the game, tweaking the gameplay, and going through playtesting. Although, the game is planned to be released even if the Kickstarter fails, as the developer believes in the game.