Oct 21st 2017

EA speaks on Battlefront 2 loot box controversy

Star Wars Battlefront 2 has been coming under a lot of fire recently. This is because of a progression system in the game being tied to loot boxes (simply called crates). EA has recently released a statement to address those concerns and explain more how the process will work.

Tons of games nowadays have items locked behind randomly generated boxes that you can buy for real money. So why is it such a big deal to people if Battlefront 2 has that too? Well, a lot of those games do have items that make playing the game easier locked away that can be won in the box with enough luck and money, but in Battlefront 2 the only way to upgrade classes and ships is with star cards which are only found in the crates you can purchase. There are ways to unlock these crates in the game without spending money, but it'll be a lot slower.

Essentially people are upset because there is a clear advantage given to players who spend money over players who don't. The more you spend, and the bigger your advantage. Especially with all the crates being random so you'll often end up with a lot of items you didn't want. However, in EA's statement they explain how they'll stop this. The big thing is that they plan to lock the ability to upgrade star cards to if you are a high enough rank in the game. So unless you play enough you can't just have fully upgraded star cards. Also, star cards are upgraded by using crafting parts. You can get crafting parts by opening a crate and getting a star card that you've already unlocked.

EA said that it was listening to players, and that this was exactly what the beta was for. They also believe that locking higher tiers of star cards behind the player level will help with the problem. What about you? Do you think this will solve the problem, or will it still leave a lot of players at a huge disadvantage and chance to be taken advantage of? Feel free to tweet your opinion to me @spencerhavens.