Jun 14th 2018

E3 2018 has been great so far

E3 is winding down. A lot of things happened at E3 this year, with a lot of game announcements, and dates set for games we already knew were coming. I'll go over some of my favorite things that happened so far.

Among the announcements, I'm excited to ruin friendships again with Super Mario Party. Doom Eternal looks to bring the visceral fun of 2016's Doom to Earth as demons invade. Babylon's Fall was interesting to see, but with so little shown it's pretty much all hope from the reputation of the studio, and crushed dreams of Scalebound. Of course you can't forget possibly the most exciting, Elder Scrolls VI. After having Skyrim ported and remastered from console to console for so long, finally Bethesda is moving on. Although, even they seemed to understand how ridiculous things were starting to get, and poked fun at themselves a little.

With Skyrim on just about everything with a charge, Bethesda decided to drop the trailer for Skyrim: Very Special edition. Even with all of the impressive gameplay trailers and reveals, this was probably my favorite trailer at E3. Skyrim ported to Alexa with voice chat was great to see, especially with the acting. It was surprising to see, but even more surprising is that it's real. They brought Skyrim to Alexa (although users in the UK and Europe had trouble accessing it). Any device with Alexa can now play a text based version of Skyrim.

E3 this year had a lot of great moments. A lot of new things were shown, and we got more info about a lot of upcoming titles. Although some of the trailers seemed so fluid, and had combat so seamless it seemed like it couldn't be gameplay (looking at you Last of Us 2). What was your favorite part of E3? Did you get to go? Are you too disappointed about Walking being left out of Smash yet again to be excited about anything? The image at the top is courtesy of u/MrJustMartin on Reddit.