May 13th 2017

Dynasty Warriors 9 Breaks From Tradition

it has been confirmed that Dynasty Warriors 9 will have a worldwide release. However, we don't know yet what systems the long running hack-and-slash game series will be available on. The newest entry into the series also seems to be making a few very big changes from other games in the series.

Dynasty Warriors is known for its portrayal of historical figures of China. It is also known for it's massive battles where one person can defeat thousands of enemy troops single handed without even breaking a sweat. They're still keeping to that iconic formula, but they're adding in a key component that seems to have been snatched up by every franchise lately, an open world. That's right, a Dynasty Warriors game where you explore an open world and your fights will vary depending on the time period and what area you're in. 

There are numerous new tactics this new system will allow players to employ. Some of those include, climbing walls, attacking head on, sneaking in at night, and so on. Koei Tecmo has confirmed that every single character from the previous Dynasty Warriors games will be making it back for Dynasty Warriors 9, along with some new ones. So that's all 83 fighters from the old games coming back for more, even the fearsome Lu Bu! 

One of the things they want to show off is the "beautiful graphics" of the world you have to explore. You can see more pictures on their website here. The graphics look quite good, but that does bring up an important question. How often will the FPS drop in this game? If it has to render the graphics for an open world and a horde of enemies all attacking your character, not to mention if you bring an army to fight back, how much stress is that going to put on a PS4 or Xbox 1? WIll it only work with Sorpio and PS4 Pro? Will that even be enough? Hopefully they've got a plan in place for that besides making the enemies look like they're from the PS1 era.