Mar 20th 2018

Deviljho May Cry

Monster Hunter World will be getting its first big update in just two days. On March 22, the Deviljho and several other updates will be coming to the game on both Xbox One and PS4. 
The dreaded Deviljho has blasted it's way over to the New World and is spoiling for a fight. Yet, those who can take it down will be rewarded with the chance to craft new gear for the game. New armor and weapons sets are being implemented for the addition of the pickle. Which, isn't that the dream of any hunter? To look like a giant pickle?
They also are tweaking a lot of the weapons. They didn't seem balanced properly, except for the light and heavy bowgun, so they're putting in things like the following changes: adjusting the stun values on charge attacks for the hammer, reducing the sharpness loss for using shells and an attack increase for the gunlance, adjustments to help the demon gauge stay active for the dual blades, and more like that.
Despite most of the community being great, there have been griefers preventing squadmates from carving after a hunt. So with the update hunters now don't react to any hit after the hunt is complete. So allies can't  attack teammates to interrupt their carving animation so they miss out. They've also added an option to directly return to the gathering hub instead of going back to the single player section in Asteria.
This is the first free update for Monster Hunter with a festival event coming in April that'll introduce the MegaMan crossover where you can get a MegaMan outfit for your Palico. Are you excited for the update? What monster would you like to see them bring next? I'd like to see the Khezu show up. Why you ask? Because the Khezu hammer screams like a Khezu when you swing it, and that makes it the best hammer.