Nov 30th 2017

Destiny 2 addresses fan concerns

Destiny 2 has run into some hot water recently. The biggest thing was when players found that the XP system in the game didn't exactly tell you the truth about how much XP you were getting (it cut down the amount the more you played quick events while still saying you were getting full XP). Now with a long list of complaints from the community, Bungie has responded.

In a blog post called, "The State of Destiny 2," Bungie outlined what they planned to do going forward. They apologized for the lack of communication and transparency, then said they planned to do better. Then they outlined a long list of changes coming to Destiny 2 that were made to address concerns from players. 

A couple of the biggest updates with solid info to go with them are the masterwork weapons and armor ornaments. Masterwork weapons are a new tier of legendaries for players in the end game. Legendaries can be upgraded to them, and there is a chance they will appear from legendary drops (only for players above 250 power). The main benefit of a masterwork weapons is that it tracks how many kills you get with that weapon, they generate orbs on multikills, and they have random stat boosts.

The armor ornaments are to appease players upset with the customization options in Destiny 2. These are visual customization that can be added to some sets of armor after they're unlocked by completing certain objectives. Once unlocked they will be available across a player's account. They also won't interfere with any shaders or mods.

Destiny 2 had a great start, but has been running into issues since then. Even their response to the lowered XP issue seemed to lower XP values across the game. With a game people actively play online while changes are constantly being made, being transparent about what's going on is important. It helps players understand what's happening and doesn't end up with players finding something that looks like developers are trying to pull one over on them. This is a step in the right direction, but similar issues happened with the original Destiny, and Bungie went silent again after a little time had passed. I guess we'll see if this time will be different.