Jul 24th 2018

Day of the Tentacle fan sequel lives up to its namesake

Point and Click adventure games have made something of a comeback with titles like Night in the Woods, Machinarium, and the various Telltale series. So it should come as no surprise that fans have been working on a sequel to a classic of the genre. Well, they just finished it and released it on itch.io.

Return of the Tentacle-Prologue is a love letter to Lucas Arts adventure games. They faithfully recreated the protagonists Bernard, Laverne, and Hoagie for the game and have included a few extra characters from other popular adventure games that may show up along the journey. The game features fully voiced dialogue by fans, that do a decent job of sticking close to the original voices (most of them at least).

The game was created by German fan studio Catmic. It mimics the style of the remaster. As such it has 4k backgrounds, thousands of lines of dialogue in both English and German, HD video files, and wav music files that were manipulated to mimic how iMuse works. This gives it a moderately bulky 1GB download size.

Return of the Tentacle-Prologue is a fan game through and through. The story mimics the second game in the series, using time travel and hunting down the purple tentacle to stop his plans of world domination being the main motivation. If you're a fan of point and click games this is one to check out. If you loved the Day of the Tentacle series, you pretty much have to check this one out.