Aug 26th 2017

Darkwood Offers a Free Demo; The Entire Game

Darkwood is a top down survival horror game developed by Acid Wizard studio. The game was released a week ago, and has been doing rather well so far. However, after receiving many requests the developers decided to do something very odd. They decided to give away the game in its entirety for free.

The story came out on Imgur from the developers themselves. They explain how the project started, and turned into what it is today. How it was supposed to be a simple project, until they saw how much people liked it. Then it kept growing more and more from there. Finally it was released. They were busy working on patches, and getting spam emails asking for free keys of the game for various reasons. They also heard stories of why people were refunding the game, including one where someone didn't want to stress their parents by having them see the bill at the end of the month. 

This made them decide something. They knew that they hated sites that resell steam keys through shady means, and so handed out free copies or having actual giveaways would be difficult. So they decided to just give it out to everyone for free. They uploaded a safe torrent of the latest version of the game to Pirate Bay so that anyone who can't afford the game can still play it. There is even a link to the Pirate Bay download page in their Imgur post. The game is of course still available on Steam, and they ask that you purchase it if you enjoy the game and want them to keep making more like it.

So instead of letting Darkwood get pirated, the developers cut out the middle man, and uploaded it themselves. They are giving the entire game away for free. What do you think about that? Do you think this will help their business in the long run, or lose them a bunch of money? Feel free to share your thoughts with me on Twitter @spencerhavens.