Sep 28th 2017

Cuphead simultaneous global release

The retro looking platformer, Cuphead, is getting a simultaneous worldwide release tomorrow. Studio MDHR has announced down to the hour of when it will be coming out. This is of course with it still being exclusive to PC and Xbox one. 

Back in 2014 Cuphead got it's first showing at the Microsoft press conference at E3. The distinct visual style immediately got the game a lot of attention. The style is reminiscemt of old cartoons like Felix the Cat, except with bright colors unavailable for visual media at the time. As time has gone on the project has grown, and now it is nearly time for its release.

In a tweet by studio MDHR, they confirmed that Cuphead would release " a single time around the world..." This time would be 6:00 am PT, or 2:00 pm BST. As for the date, well that's tomorrow, September 29th. That's right, just about a day away from Cuphead's release. It is also a part of Xbox Play Anywhere, so if you buy it for Xbox One you can also play it on PC, and vice versa. 

Cuphead is a very visually interesting game. It definitely fits in nearly seamlessly with the old era cartoons it's inspired by. Allegedly it will also never be available on the Switch or PS4, but will stay a lifetime exclusive to Xbox One and PC, with versions made for Mac and Linux some time down the road.