Jun 17th 2017

Conquer Space in The Infinite Black 2

The Infinite Black 2 is a turn based strategy game where you control fleets of ships and fight aliens for your corporation. Play with your friends across any phone or computer operating system, just like with the original Infinite Black created almost a decade ago and still running today.
The story of The Infinite Black 2 is essentially that humanity found aliens and reached out to them. The aliens were not very friendly, and demanded humanity gave them humans to eat or they'll implode the sun. So mankind agreed and all the elderly and criminals are given away as sacrifices so the rest of humanity can survive. However, this sort of tribute can't last forever, so eventually something is going to have to happen to break the cycle.

Gameplay in The Infinite Black is centered around fleets of spaceships traveling to different parts of the universe. A fleet is a group of ships controlled by a player that fight together when the player enters into combat. The combat is turn based, and each ship works differently. Some are huge dreadnaughts, others are medium freighters, while some are quick but small fighters, and at the head of your fleet is the flagship where all your orders for the rest of the fleet will be coming from (it also has some pretty impressive fire power of its own).

New ships can be discovered through loot, completing bounties, and research and development. When you get the new ship, it is procedurally generated, same with any items you find. So your ship truly will be your own. You can also add your own custom colors, skin patterns, decals, and engine effects.

One of the big parts of The Infinite Black 2 are corporations. Corporations are created by players. They are players who agree to work towards a common goal (essentially a guild). Players that create a new corporation can then deploy it to a suitable solar system to set up a corporate garrison to serve as a social and military hub. There they can research technology, establish defenses, and check on the territory under their control. Like with any corporation you can attack your rivals and steal their research, or just set their technology back a ways by blowing up what they have. To help prevent this players can upgrade their corporate garrison by completing specific quests and spending a special currency only earned in them (you also get some neat items).

The Infinite Black 2 is currently on kickstarter looking for funding for the last leg of its journey. Spellbook, the company behind it, ran a kickstarter in 2016 for Heroes of Dire which was very successful. Even though they had a lot of bonuses added to the game, they still delivered it on time, and expect to do the same with The Infinite Black 2. Especially because Heroes of Dire was a test of the engine they are using for this game. So, the question is, are you ready to head into the black? Let me know by tweeting me @spencerhavens.