Dec 19th 2017

Catherine is coming to PS4 and Vita

Catherine is a cult classic for the PS3 released in 2011. It was known for its adult themes and how it confidently portrayed them. Now it has been announced that the game will be getting a remake for the PS4 and Vita.
Developer Atlas announced that they were working on a remake of their hit game Catherine, and calling it Catherine Full Body. The head of the project will be Katsura Hashino, the director of Persona 5. According to Famitsu, there will also be a third Catherine added to the game for an entirely different path for players to take.

Catherine was all about the main character’s choice between marriage with his longtime girlfriend and an affair with a younger girl. This conflict and difficult puzzles are what the game is built on. A lot of people praise the game for portraying relationships between adults. Everything in the game isn’t black and white, but more of a muddled gray area for the character. Now with a third Catherine being introduced (one who looks very different from either of the other Catherines), it is sure to complicate things even more for the story. The illustration of the new character is even done by Character Designer Shigeki Soejima.

The Catherine remake looks like it isn’t just a slight update for a new generation of consoles. It seems Atlus wants to add at least some new content to the game to justify people buying it again. Adding a pink haired Catherine may just be what they need to do to get that to happen. They haven’t announced when the game will be coming out yet, but it’ll most likely be some time in 2018.