Mar 22nd 2018

Can You Stop the Second Great War?

JRPGs are known for their complex plots and storylines. Rise of the Third Power is no exception, and seeks to amplify that even more by drawing inspiration from real life. Specifically, the turmoil of post WW1 as power among nation's fluctuated and nothing seemed certain.
In Rise of the Third Power it has been twenty years since the war ended. The Arkadyan empire was given the blame for the war and had harsh demands forced on them by the Treaty of Evenheart. This left it ripe for the ideological Dimitri Noraskov to seize power with a rebellion. His passionate ideals have brought fear back into the world that he will start another war to unite the world under one country, and one god. With only two of the former countries that stood against the Arkadyan empire still intact after the pressures and costs of the aftermath of the war, it's up to a small group of resistance fighters to undermine his plans.
This isn't the first game made by Stegosoft Games, but where Ara Fell was full of magic and wonderous situations, Rise of the Third Power is a lot grittier and grounded in reality. They've also made sure with their second game to make sure things aren't unnecessarily complicated. They've also got an interesting battle system with a tag in mechanic. You've got 8 characters, but only three can be in battle at a time. However you can switch the others in through a couple different standby locations that have different benefits and downsides.
Rise of the Third Power is currently on Kickstarter, and fans of JRPGs should definitely check it out at least. The team also seems to know what they're doing with crowdfunding, and went out of their way to not over promise anything with stretch goals. So if that's a worry for you, as it's hurt a lot of Kickstarter projects in the past, it shouldn't be with this project.