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Oct 07th 2017

Tramadol Orders Online, Tramadol Order Uk

Hand drawn animation hasn't been as popular in recent years, while CGI has taken center stage. Bloodline Generations is looking to change all of that by combining classic Disney hand drawn animators and veteran programmers and designers from the video game industry. They want to show the world just how good and relevant hand drawn animation can be in the modern age.

Bloodline Generations is just starting out. They are testing the waters to really see if there is interest, and garner enough support to finish the initial project. There is a lot they would like to do with Bloodline Generations and its world that they are creating, but at the core they are creating an online multiplayer free to play arena brawler. Just without any lanes and a few other novelties like an energy bar with no cool-down on abilities (just the ability to cast stronger versions with a fuller bar).

It is sort of like the old joke about Overwatch. That the developers really wanted to make an animated series, but those are expensive, so they decided to fund it by making a video game. Well, Bloodline Generations literally wants to do that. They plan to start off by making the game, and pushing it towards the e-sports community. Then they'll make comics to flesh out more of the lore and backstory of the characters. Once they make enough money from the game, they'll make a full animated series with the characters.

Bloodline Generations looks promising, but it is very early in development so everything is risky. There is nothing to show on the gameplay side at all, but the character designs available look pretty good. Right now it is on Buy Dog Tramadol Uk looking for a decent chunk of change. If you're a big fan of 2d animation you may want to consider backing it, and if not I'd at least keep my eye on the project as the Kickstarter goes on and maybe tell a few people about it.