May 24th 2018

Bethesda's mysterious Fallout stream

Bethesda seems intent on teasing their fans. Right now they are streaming on Twitch. However, they're not streaming a game, or really much of anything. Instead they're just streaming a TV with nothing on.

There is something interesting about the TV though, as it is displaying the popular "please stand by" phrase and screen from the Fallout series. They're in the IRL section, but so far only one person has walked by the screen. They didn't say anything though, just drank something and walked by. The stream is still going on, and the chat has over 45,000 viewers as of right now.

The 10th year anniversary of Fallout 3 is coming up this October. Maybe they're planning something for that? Even if this stream doesn't give much information, there should be more at E3. Bethesda's panel will be Monday June 11 at 2:30 AM BST (June 10, 6:30 PM PT, 9:30 PM ET). The stream has been very odd, and if you've got nothing to do, I'd recommend at least having it on in the background to see what's going on.