Feb 01st 2018

Battlefront getting microtransactions for player choice on grinding

Earlier this week EA had a conference call to keep investors updated on the third quarter of the fiscal year. They shared information about the company moving forward, and plans to reinstate loot boxes in Battlefront II. However, they assured investors things would be different.

One of the disappointments from Battlefront II was the low sales. They had expected 10 million copies to sell by now, and have sold somewhere over 7 million. However, they reminded investors how popular games like FIFA and Madden were and that they would be getting new games in 2018.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson described Battlefront II as a "learning opportunity." How they didn't mean to upset fans, or intend to build a system that appeared unfair. Although he seemed to skirt around saying if the model they were using was bad instead of just the way it was received. Which, since they're bringing back microtransactions, begs the question, if they thought the system was fine and haven't done a lot in game to change how crates work, why would they drastically alter it?

 Andrew Wilson was directly asked about the issue with Disney and how they felt about everything. He said, "I would choose my words carefully: you shouldn't believe everything you read in the press." Then went on to say how great a relationship EA and Disney have. How they've worked together on many projects, and when they implement microtransactions again he is sure Disney will be behind them with full support. He also brought up player choice between grinding and paying to skip that, which again sounds similar to the earlier system they used.

 EA is bringing microtransactions back. From what they've said it sounds like it'll either be a very similar system with it just tweaked again to try and be more fair to people not paying somehow, or just some other method of paying to get a gameplay advantage. It definitely does not sound like they intend to go into the realm of cosmetic microtransactions at the moment, but that may change. We'll see when it comes back into the game sometime in the next few months. Hopefully it doesn't go over as poorly as the rest of their decisions surrounding Battlefront II like the AMA, and the locked hero controversy.