Aug 03rd 2017

AR  vs VR, Rockstar CEO's take

The CEO of Rockstar and Take-Two, Strauss Zelnick, has finally shared his thoughts on augmented reality. Since the start of virtual reality he has been very critical of it, and the shortcomings associated with the medium, but it appears that isn’t the case when it comes to augmented reality.

In the recent Take-Two earnings briefing Zelnick said, “The concerns I raised regarding VR are not applicable to AR. In order to have an AR experience, you don’t necessarily have to be wearing glasses or a headset. You’re not burdened by being in a particular location, and the discomfort factor does not exist necessarily.”

It is true that VR can very easily make people sick if not done right, and even when done right can still be sickening for some people anyway. When he looks at VR he just sees a lot of limitations, probably highlighted by the greatest VR console of all time, the Virtual Boy.

As the talk went on, he discussed how video games are a unique type of entertainment. He also made it clear that if AR was ever going to succeed that it was going to be based on if developers made games that showed off the appeal of AR. He then used Pokemon GO as an example of AR working, even though its popularity peaked early on before dropping off.

“I have no skepticism about the possibilities for AR. It’s in the hands of the developers.” Explained Zelnick. “Are they passionate about an idea, and is the idea brought to reality in a spectacular, exciting, and compelling way? So I think there is great opportunity (but) it remains to be seen if the AR technology itself is what creates the opportunity.”

We know Microsoft is working on an AR headset, but they are taking their time with it. What do you think? Do you think AR has more potential over VR, or is it the other way around? Why don’t you let you know your best reason for why it is one or the other? The easiest way to reach me directly is on Twitter @spencerhavens.