Nov 04th 2017

An MMO full of Vampires, Werewolves, Mages, and Zombies

The night has long sparked the imagination of people. Especially the mysterious nature of the night, and any sorts of monsters that may live in there. Perhaps the most iconic monster of the night, especially nowadays, is the vampire.

Shadow’s Kiss is an MMO by Clockwork Throne studios where you become a creature of the night, and are thrust into the death trap of occult society to try and cut out a piece for yourself. It uses a lot of tried and true aspects from MMOs, but does at least one thing very different. Diplomacy is an important aspect of the game, and can be used to avoid combat even from hunter’s whose goal is to wipe out all monster’s. To that end, the game implements a turn-based combat system that has a timed aspect to it. That way it isn’t all about hitting the same few buttons as fast as you can.

The game doesn’t set you down a specific power path immediately, but instead lets you choose from all available powers at the start with more powerful options coming later down the tree. You can choose from abilities available to five different classic types of vampires from the classic noble enchanter, incubus/succubus, the Ka (basis for Egyptian vampires), Verdilak (Russian vampire necromancer), all the way to the Tenebrous (lovecraftian vampire).

The game is based in the fictional city of San Cipriano, and it isn’t only full of vampires. There are of course hunters who are humans trying to end the menace of monsters haunting the night. On top of that there are three more factions, the Adepts, the Revenant, and the Loupgarou. The adepts are humans who have learned to tap into magic and bend it to their will. They can work with the vampires to help them conquer the night, or join the hunters to try and destroy them. The Revenants are hunters who have died. They’ve been brought back to life as a mixture of zombie and Frankenstein’s monster, and exist in a constant state of undeath. They can follow the will of the necromancer’s who raised them back to life, or break free and make their own path. The Loupgarou is a shapeshifter. It is an ancient being that has constantly been reborn since the dawn of creation to mimic a mortal creature. It now exists as part of the Lunar Covenant. They can also work with the undead, or seek to eliminate them from the city.

Shadow’s Kiss is currently on Kickstarter, but has already received all the funding it needs to succeed. Now it is looking into stretch goals. It boasts that it is filling a void of a creature of the night MMO, while there are MMOs for just about everything else. It has been in development for over two years already, and the funding is to push it to polish and add more content to the game.