Mar 15th 2016

Amanda Hermes Talks on Adele and Zombies

Amanda Hermes Talks on Adele and Zombies

Today we’re going to try something different, and I hope you all enjoy it. Last week I had the good fortune of interviewing Amanda Hermes from Unosquare, the company that is making a game called Adele: Following the Signs. She gathered up information from the team working on the project, and gave me a lot of really helpful stuff I am sure all of you readers will love to hear.


Amanda Hermes Talks on Adele and Zombies

To get started, why don't you tell our readers what exactly Adele is?

Adele is a puzzle, 2.5D platformer based in a futuristic zombie filled word where a father is looking for his lost daughter (Adele).  Mike, the father doesn't have any weapons, so there is no fighting or killing.  You have to figure out how to use the items in your surroundings to block, trap, outrun or outsmart the zombies that are trying to get you.    

What inspired you to create Adele?

Unosquare is a software development company in Mexico and its President and CIO has always been interested in getting into game development as part of Unosquare's innovation initiatives. When the opportunity arose to start working on Adele we were very excited about taking advantage of it.  Adele: Following the Signs is our first game, but hopefully not our last.  We have already started brainstorming about what our next game will be.   

Why did you choose to focus on a father searching for his daughter? 

We liked the idea of a zombie apocalypse but didn't want to become just another one of the many zombie-killing games.  We wanted something that would be more unique.  Being our first game, we wanted to focus more on game play than storytelling and a father looking for his daughter was a story that didn't need a lot of development.  We have two major cinematic scenes, one at the beginning and one in the end, and the rest is just the game.  

What do you think makes Adele unique? In other words, what makes Adele stand apart from all the other games out there?

I think one of the things that make Adele unique is precisely the fact that there are no weapons.  This is not an action game. It is a puzzle platformer. Also, the fact that we can proudly say Adele has all original music and artwork is something that sets us apart.   

What were some good and bad surprises you have encountered while working on the game?

Good Surprises:  It has been a lot of fun. The game has taken shape and transformed into something that we never expected.  Each person who has been a part of this game has added something special to Adele.  Whether that is artistic style, gaming knowledge, new level ideas or advice and guidance.  

Bad Surprises:  It takes a REALLY LONG TIME!!  Hahahaha.  But seriously, we definitely didn't think that this project would take almost 3 years to get to where we are today.  There have been a lot of ups and downs during these 3 years and a lot more roadblocks than what we anticipated but we are finally on the last leg and working on getting Greenlight in Steam.  

On a lighter note, which member of your team do you think would have the best odds of surviving a real zombie apocalypse? Why?

None of us! We are just a bunch of geeks with zero survival skills. Getting us off our computer screens would be scary enough to give any of us a heart attack.

Haha, I can certainly understand that. Is there anything else you'd like to mention or add?

We would like to mention that even though out game is already very challenging, we have added in an extra bonus for those who are up for the challenge!  Once our game is released, for those who can pass each level WITHOUT getting killed, there is a special bonus feature at the end of the game!  I can't say anymore than that at this point, because I don't want to give it away, but we are excited for people to play the game...


Amanda Hermes Talks on Adele and Zombies

There you have it. Adele is a zombie apocalypse 2.5D platformer about a father searching for his daughter without any weapons where the focus is on the gameplay. If you’d like to check it out their website is here, and on their site you can download the free beta demo which consists of two levels. They are also trying to get Greenlit on Steam and could use your support there. If you do decide to try out their game they have said that they’d “love to know what you think.” So feel free to leave a comment on their page or answer the survey on their website after trying out the game.