Jun 08th 2017

A Video Game is Qualified to Win an Oscar

Something interesting has happened. Due to a few different things, a video game currently qualifies to be nominated for an academy award. This is the first time this has ever happened to a video game, and if it does go so far as to get nominated it may have far reaching consequences. What game is breaking ground? Why Everything, the simulator that lets you control or watch anything in the world while listening to philosophical quotes about nature. 

How did all this happen? Well, one of the ways to qualify to be nominated for an academy award is to win certain awards in film festivals, and Everything won The Jury Prize in Animation in the Vienna Shorts Festival. Winning that award has now qualified it to go all the way up and potentially win the Animated Short Film Oscar. Of course for many reasons this is still a long shot, especially because of the stigma surrounding video games and insular nature of the awards part of the film industry.

 David O' Reilly understood just how groundbreaking this was. In a tweet he said, "Everything just qualified for an Academy Award, making it the first time this has happened to a game/interactive project." In the replies to the tweet he said he doesn't expect it to get anywhere, but still thinks it is very cool. It is a very artsy project, which the academy generally likes, but being a video game it is doubtful it will do well.

What are your thoughts? Would you like to see Everything get nominated for an Oscar? Would you like to see it win? Do you think it has any chance of either? Feel free to tweet me your thoughts @spencerhavens.