Mar 27th 2018

A Devilish Surprise for the Spring Blossom Festival

Monster Hunter is having their first event next month, the Spring Blossom Fest. This was announced officially at the same time as the Deviljho, but other than that didn't have much to do with the pickle. At least that's what people thought until yesterday.
Spring Blossom Festival starts in game on April 6th at 12 am GMT and ends on April 20th at 12 am GMT. There will be a lot of event quests exclusive to the festival, and the Gathering Hub will have some unique decorations as seen above. If you've enjoyed watching your character dig into their meal, then you'll be happy to hear they're adding a special platter just for it as well. The special events will also be giving unique items to craft special weapons and other goodies, like the community made Wyvern Ignition Great Sword.
As for what any of this has to do with the Deviljho, well some people noticed some strange tracks last weekend. Without saying anything, Capcom had let loose a bunch of tempered Deviljho into the wild, and a bunch of players fought them. Turns out it was a little tease, and they may be doing things like that with different monsters going forward. Although in this tweet they did say they'd be bringing the even tougher monster back for the Spring Blossom Festival.
So, they weren't subtle about bringing in the Deviljho, but they kept quiet about the tempered version being included. Makes you think what else they may have been able to keep quiet about. Guess I'll see you other hunters in the Spring Blossom Festival, and we can find out together.